So lately I’ve been thinking to myself… Am I a bad person?

As in am I a person who is rude to others. I keep justifying to myself, why do I have to be nice to the people who treat me like crap. Am I meant to forgive and forget and just ignore the fact that those people treat others way better than they treat me? Do I tell myself maybe they don’t realise? Maybe I’m just overreacting? Maybe it’s a one time thing?

I ask people about my thoughts and they tell me the stuff I don’t want to hear; the stuff that sound relevant but also at the same time don’t. And honestly, I’m done. I’m done trying with people. I want people to love me for who i am and respect me, treat me the way people treat others…

I guess you can now see the ‘wonderful works’ of my LIFE…

See you tomorrow,

– A


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